All instruments are inspected prior to and after re-tipping to ensure that the integrity of the handle has not been compromised. New tips are press fit into the handle along with a sealant to ensure that the tips hold fast and that moisture from cleaning and sterilizing does not get into the handle.

Re-tipping and sharpening service has been around over 35 years. All those years it has proved itself as a safe and economical alternative to buying expensive new instruments. By doing re-tipping and sharpening you can save as much as 70~80% of what would cost buying new instruments. ​

​Dental Instruments

We are committed to providing the best services and high quality instruments. Whether your need is re-tipping and sharpening dental instruments or new dental instruments, we make it our business to satisfy our customers. Your instruments will be professionally crafted by our master-technician with over 30 years of experience, without exception! Best of all, our quality surgical-grade, 440A stainless steels are made in USA!

Apollo Dental is a full service dental instruments manufacturer. This means, you can buy new quality dental instruments directly from us at manufacturer prices. We make our instruments, your smart choice!

Re-Tipping & Sharpening